In the Bryanston parish, we are lucky to have a dedicated team who run the Rite of Christian Initiatiation of Adults program, which serves the needs of all those who wish to be received into the Church.

RCIA is intended to instruct in the Catholic Faith those who are seeking to enter into full communion with the Catholic Church through Baptism and/or Confirmation and Holy Communion. RCIA is your compass to the Catholic Faith.

Who should look into RCIA?

Anyone not yet baptized; anyone baptized but not as a Catholic; anyone baptized as a Catholic who did not yet receive first Communion or Confirmation; fully initiated Catholics seeking fuller catechetical knowledge of their Catholic Faith; and anyone at all looking to learn more about Christianity.

There are almost as many reasons why people decide to become a Catholic as there are people in the world, but they are all joined by one common trait:  They have in some way been touched by the beauty of the Chruch and the Holy Spirit has (as with the disciples returning from Emmaus) put a fire in their hearts which has kindled their faith.
The course differentiates between those who are baptized (Candidates) and those who are not (Catechumens), but they all will be received into full communion with the Church by the end of the course.  Every year, we take these Candidates and Catechumens on a journey to deepen their faith and learn what it means to be a Catholic Christian.
They finally receive the Sacraments of Initiation (Baptism, Confirmation and the Eucharist) at the Easter Vigil.  This is always a moving occasion for all as they are welcomed into the Church as fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

If you would like to undergo the Rite of Christian Initiation, please contact the parish office for further information.