The Church teaches us that ‘the parents are the first teachers in the faith’ and that ‘responsibility for educating your child in the faith lies with you. What we offer is a structure that we hope will support you doing that within your family.

We also need to stress that attending catechism does not replace your attendance at mass and we encourage you to attend mass as a family as often as possible. Our volunteer teachers and assistants can only deliver the course successfully with parental help and support.



  • We follow the private school terms – January – November
  • Sundays starting promptly at 8.30 am, and ending at 9.45 am

(Requirement of 80% attendance)



  • Catechism classes start in January, every year, from Grade 1 and continue consecutively, to finally receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation in Grade 10.
  • Grade 1 (Not younger) to grade 7 children attend our Junior Catechism classes
  • Children are also encouraged to attend the Children’s Liturgy at the 10 am Mass. (This does not replace our formal catechism classes
  • Grade 8 to grade 10 attend our Confirmation class


Junior Catechism – Faith Formation

Junior Catechism Faith Formation program starts in Grade R and concludes in in Grade 7.

Our program is doctrinally based. We are committed to assisting parents’ guide their child’s faith life and journey together to a greater understanding of our Catholic heritage.

First Communion and Reconciliation are part of a two year program. Children begin their preparation in Grade three where they are prepared for the sacrament of Reconciliation. The children then continue on to Grade Four where they are prepared for the sacrament of Holy Communion.


Senior Catechism  – Confirmation

The goal of the Confirmation Preparation Program is to nurture, enhance, and deepen the spirituality of our youth through the religious education process. During this time candidates are guided toward the maturity level of a fully initiated adult Christian.


Confirmation is a three year program that starts in Grade 8 and ends in Grade 10. Candidates need to complete all three years in order to be confirmed. Taryn Cronje 0833601636

Taryn (Left) – Catechetics Co-Ordinator and Veronique Jones (Right) – Catechetic Liaison