Youth Alpha

Youth Alpha is an exploration of the Christian Faith that is being used by groups all around the world.  It runs over 8 to 10 weeks once a year starting in January and looks at topics such as who is Jesus, why did He die, why and how should I pray, how does God guide us and more.  It is an informal version of Adult Alpha using the same teachings but adapting it in a way to better engage with young people.

The course has been running at the Catholic Church of the Resurrection in Bryanston for the last 14 years.  The Youth Alpha team consists of 14 facilitators and this year there were regularly between 40 and 50 participants at each session.

The evening is comprised of dinner, fun activities, Praise and Worship, a talk given by one of the young leaders and then sharing in small groups.  It is a place for young people to be themselves and to explore the meaing of Life.  Youth Alpha is compulsory for the Confirmation candidates, but by the end of the course, most of the attendees find themselves wanting to come back every week instead of feeling as though they are required to attend the sessions.

Youth Alpha is an amazing, creative way to present key messages of the gospel in a safe environment.  It allows young adults to engage with each other and honours their journey of faith.