Bryanston Catholic Women of St Anne

Our Aim

The Association of St Anne is for Catholic Women who are determined to be faithful Christians, giving
witness to their faith and are outstanding in their duties as Christian women.

Our Motto

Progress in Christ: “Better hearts, better homes, better fields”

Our mission includes:

– To be faithful in prayer life and read the bible regularly;

– To pray with family and teach children faith by word and example;

– To live a Christian way of life by attending Sunday services and regularly receiving the
Sacraments of Confession and Holy Communion;

– To keep marriage vows by being faithful to our husbands and working together to build a happy
Christian family;

– To love each other and pray for one another;

– To get involved in the apostolic work of the Church by

a) visiting and inviting non-Christians into the church;
b) bringing back lapsed Catholics;
c) supporting the Church and its leaders;
d) visiting the sick and old, helping the needy and burying the dead.


Significance or Uniform Colours:


Brown and Cream – St Anne Catholic Women from Zimbabwe

Brown – Signifies maturity in our faith.

Cream – Signifies the colour soil, indicating that “we are dust and to dust we shall return”

The Hat – Jesus’ crown of thorns

Long sleeves blouse – Dignity and Humility

5 Buttons on the blouse – Jesus’ 5 wounds on the cross.

Badge – Bears the Flame Lily flower which is the National emblem of the sodality in Zimbabwe.

Skirt with 6 panels – St Anne guild can be found in all 6 continents

The Medal – Bears the picture of St Anne our patron Saint.

Yellow Tshirts and skirts – Initiates going through training to be received as full members.

Purple and Black – St Anne Catholic Women from South Africa


Purple color – Royal color which signifies superior spiritual development, perfection,
vision, exquisite humbleness, self-sacrifice, gentleness and free spirit;

Black color – Black is the color of suffering, mourning and death, as we endure physical sufferings during the rendering of service.

Hat – with 4 partitions representing the sign of the cross and the folded flap represent the crown of thorns.

Long sleeve Blouse – with button on each sleeve representing the wounds on Jesus hands.

5 buttons on blouse representing the 5 wounds of Jesus.

Purple Cape – represents the cloth that was wrapped around Jesus as he was on the cross and the Tabernacle cloth that was torn into two when Jesus died.

Contact person :

Cream and Brown – Lindiwe – 082 952 6388
Purple and Black – Jeanete – 083 329 6415