The church windows are decorated with stained glass.  Watch the slide show to see a description of all the stained glass windows in the church.


Slide The Mary Window : "The daughter of the King is clothed with splendour, her robes embroidered with pearls set in gold" - Psalm 44. Mary under her title Queen Assumed into Heaven, the patroness of South Africa, is portrayed in this window. Her Son, the King of kings, stands at her knee holding the world - all glory comes from Him. Slide St Angela Merici : The Ursuline Sisters have been closely associated with the Parish of the Resurrection since its foundation. Their chapel was our cradle. St Angela Merici, their founder (1535), is shown in this window in her Italian setting of light and beauty - Lake Garda is portrayed in the upper section. The lower section portrays Angela, a Woman for Africa, as leads her Ursuline sisters and children of Africa into the future. I am always in your midst, lending aid to your prayers (LC 20), she wrote. Slide The Hymn of Creation: Bless the Lord all you creatures of Earth - Daniel 3:57, 88. In this window all creation is gathered into a great hymn of praise to its Creator. Poet GM Hopkins once wrote The world is charged with the Glory of God! Significantly, this window is positioned in the side chapel of the church where each day, Mass is celebrated - Christ's all-embracing sacrifice, in which we share as priests of creation and which the Creator has entrusted to our care. Slide St Paul of the Cross: The Parish of the Resurrection was founded in 1969 and ministered to throughout its early years by the priests of the Congregation of the Cross and Passion (CP). Their founder - St Paul of the Cross (1741) - is portrayed in this window. St Paul was man of ascetic dedication to the religious life and of burning love for God and people. He is shown in deep colours suggestive of Christ's passion with a heart flaming for charity. Slide The Window of Reconciliation: The Father ran to his son and clasped him in his arms (Luke 15:21). This window portrays the reconciliation of God and ourselves: His grace (shown as brilliant light at the centre of united figures) transforms our hearts. The reconciliation we strive for in our country and our world is also portrayed - and there is no easy road to achieving peace on earth and goodwill to all (Luke 2:14). The modern window shows reconciling figures against a desert-like background that symbolises the death and desolation that threaten us. As the great 20th century poet WH Auden wrote We must love one another or die. Slide The Window of the Living Water: The Baptistry window is symbolic of the Sacrament of Baptism in its deepest meaning: You are baptised into Christ Jesus says St Paul. The Paschal candle (representing Christ) surrounds the figures repreenting the Church baptising a believer. Above, the Holy Spirit descends onto the baptised through the flame of the candle. The shaft of light recalls the voice of the Father at Christ's baptism "This is my beloved" (Matthew 3:17). Below, the cleansing water of Baptism flows. "Whoever drinks the water that I shall give will never be thirsty again" (John 4:14) Slide The Window of the Saviour: Jesus said, "It is accomplished," and bowing His head He gave up His spirit (John 19:30). This window with its powerful colours of sorrow and mourning yet glory and new life shows the Saviour at the moment of His supreme sacrifice of Himself for love of all humanity. Slide The Trinity Window: We are a people made one with the unity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit wrote Vatican 2 to the Church of our time (VC 41). The great mystery of our faith, the unity and trinity of God, is represented here by the creative hand of the Father, the descending dove that is the Holy Spirit and the great redeemer, the Son. Slide