SPRED started in the Bryanston Parish in 2003 with 2 young boys of 8 and 9.  Now they are young men and we recently celebrated the 21st birthday of Matthew Moollan.


SPRED stands for SPECIAL RELIGIOUS DEVELOPMENT and focuses on bringing children/people into the parish community as, because of their special needs, they are often marginalized.  By following a special international programme we bring them to a stage where they can make their First Holy Communion and, later, be Confirmed.  Each Friend has his/her own Faith Companion and in addition we have a Liturgical Presider and a Co-ordinator who attends to the logistics.

Currently the volunteers are:

Jeannette van Heerden         Liturgical Presider
Co-ordinator                           Dominique Kuypers
Liz Olver                                  Faith Companion to Lucian Govender
Bhekisisa Mlambo                 Faith Companion to Jannick Kuypers
Catherine Francis                  Faith Companion to Justyn Darma
Kedibone Seutloadi Twala   Faith Companion to Teagan Teasdale


We have another potential Friend waiting to join and Bheki will take on this Friend but we will need a new Co-ordinator as the Kuypers family emigrate this year.


Teagan recently made her First Holy Communion in the Edenvale parish church where she is based.


A milestone for all of us involved with SPRED in Bryanston was when we received consent from the Bishop for Father Keith to confirm Jannick and Talitha Kuypers.