Slide "The Word of the Lord, Thanks Be to God"

The participation of the laity in this contribution to the Mass goes back many years at Bryanston.

As long ago as the 1970’s when our Parish had Mass said in the Brescia House chapel there were Readers of the Word. The parish then grew and Mass was said in the Brescia House Hall. Eventually the church was built and Readers continued to proclaim the word of God. Clive Dean, who is still a Reader today, remembers those times well.

In the late 1990s Commentators were introduced alongside the Readers. At that stage there were 18 Readers and Commentators for 18:00 on Saturday evening, only 7 for the 07:30 Mass and 26 at the 10:00 Mass. Over time people have left the Parish, even the country and sadly others have died. On the other hand many new people have joined our group. Many Readers and Commentators have remained in this ministry for over 15 years. Currently the 18:00 Mass on a Saturday organises their own Readers and Commentators. The 07:30 Mass now has a team of 11 and the 10:00 Mass, a team of 16.

We have also been fortunate that members have at times been trained by experts while at other times we have monitored our own levels of proclaiming the Word. We have also had lectures organised to increase our awareness of the importance of our ministry.

If you would like to take part in this ministry you may contact Kathy Caselli Thomson.