Our group started in 2006, when a member was asked across a dinner table if they would make 70 Christmas hampers for pensioners. The hampers were duly made, including an additional 2 ‘just in case’ some extras were needed. When we distributed the hampers including the extra 2 there were so many that went without. This was unthinkable and thus a whole new chapter opened for the parish. We now supply over 600 Christmas hampers.

The numbers of those in need grew and so did the requests, this meant that we needed a team and by God’s grace others joined and the group was established and has continued to grow. We consistently distribute our amazing Christmas hampers – the hampers are generous and sufficient for a family – we have learnt that most gogos support entire families, hence the size of the hampers.

We also assist destitute families and 35 child-run homes throughout the year, as well as 6 crèches. In winter we distribute blankets to the child-run homes and needy as well as buckets of food.

During the year we aid and educate by promoting events within impoverished areas; the aim is to raise funds for projects within their communities. Phiri Catholic church has a Ladies Tea each year that now raises thousands – in the past the funds went towards the enlargement and refurbishment of their church.

All of our distributions are done via the Catholic church in the following areas –

Holy Rosary Catholic church – Phiri Soweto

  • Protea South Squatter Camp
  • St Augustine’s Catholic church – Orange Farm
  • The Mercy Sisters in the Winterveldt
  • The Ursuline Sister’s in Krugersdorp


These churches include and distribute to other areas so the blessings have a ripple effect.

In order to raise funds to do this work – we hold cake sales, mini markets and rely on sponsorship and donations.

Banking Details

Nedbank Cheque Account
Account No: 1158 466 846
Branch Code: 1522 0500
Name: Pensioners and Children’s Support Fund


As each member of our team covers their own costs, there are no administration costs. All funds received are used for the poorest of poor, the needy and destitute.

It has been a life changing experience and a journey that has enriched us in so many ways, tenderness, kindness, complete joy and total humility.

Our team is strong and we share the most incredible moments together – laughter, fun and a huge sense of sharing and faith – we feel truly blessed!