Purpose of the Committee

The Parish Finance Committee (PFC) serves as an advisory body to the priest in charge of the Parish. It is accountable to both the Parish and the Diocese in the execution of its duties.

Committee Structure

The committee consists of at least four parishioners.

Committee Member Responsibilities

The requirement that they are parishioners may be waived in the event of special expertise requirements e.g. property management or audit of capital management.

In addition to the expected duties of any finance department of an ongoing business enterprise such as budgeting, management of expenses, asset and risk management, the PFC provides an HR service for staff on the payroll as well as the property management team. The PFC is not involved in the day to day management of the Parish finances. It is worth noting that any decision made by the PFC can be overridden by the Diocese.

Member Tenure

Each member of the committee is appointed for a period of 3 years with a further renewal period of a maximum of 3 years, if the priest in charge requests a member remains on an annual basis. Members are co-opted onto the committee via nominations by existing members of the committee and approved by the Parish priest.

The Current Bryanston PFC consists of:

  • Fr Keith Gordon-Davis
  • Gregory Lambe (chairman)
  • Gerald Seegers
  • Kathy de Villiers
  • Lesibana Fosu

Financial Status

We are in the fortunate position that our community is relatively affluent and the parish members are extremely generous in their support.

Over and above donations from the parishioners there is additional income from interest received and rental from the MTN tower.

Major expenses are staff salaries, rates and taxes and property maintenance.

In order to address the associated risks of handling cash in today’s world we have purchased cash deposit boxes that are integrated with the bank’s system and the cash-in-transit company’s process.

We are fortunate to be able to contemplate projects of this nature whilst still contributing to the Diocese and making donations to the less fortunate. This favourable situation is enabled by both the financial generosity of parishioners and the volunteering of expertise.

In honour of Mary, Mother of Mercy, our parish is committed to raising R250 000.00 this year for the Marian Shrine in Magaliesburg.  ALL donations are welcome and must be made payable into the Bryanston Catholic Church bank account with the reference “Marian Shrine”  See our banking details in the footer below.