Church of the Resurrection Bryanston
Registration form

Welcome to Bryanston Catholic Church!

Please read the following to understand how to go about registering:

The Registration form allows you to enter the family members who live at the same address.  If you have more than one person living at this address then you can add them too, else just add yourself.

Please start off by entering your email address to check if it exists.  If not then you will be asked to fill in the following:

Click on Person #1 (Tick to toggle), to enter your details.
Then click “Add Another Person”(s) to add more members that live in the same house as you.

Each person with their unique email address will be able to manage their own record.  If you have minors and will be responsible for their details, then please use your email address as the contact for each of their records.

If you have any difficulties then please email  us here.