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Ordinary Time:

7th Sunday In ordinary Time

Encountering God in the Poor

What is my experience of the plight of the poor? Could it be to advocate for the poor? Could it be a renewed commitment to eradicating poverty within and outside the church? Who am I invited to accompany? Echoing Pope Francis’ words – what does it mean for the church today, in an unequal society, to smell of the sheep?

6th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Just Imagine…

Just imagine. Sunday after Sunday going to church yet only getting to celebrate the Eucharist once or twice a year. Or sitting with something weighing on your conscience and longing to hear the words of absolution – but there is no priest available for the next few months. Just imagine you are sick or dying and want to be anointed but can’t be. Isn’t the comfort and power of the sacraments at the very heart of what it means to be Catholic? Of course, our faith has many dimensions, but the sacraments sustain us in our mission to spread the Good News.