I want to get Involved.


I renew the dedication of myself
to our Lord Jesus Christ and his Church
and I commit myself to the Parish of the Resurrection, where I will worship God faithfully,
listen to his word attentively
and be nourished by the Sacraments regularly.

I dedicate some of my time and talents
in service of my parish community.
I promise to fulfil my tasks to the best of my ability
and so build up the Body of Christ.

I, conscious that all I have comes from God
and is entrusted to me as a steward,
make my pledge
and with God's help
I will do my best to live out the responsibility.



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    Serving the community and uplifting the lives of others. Outreach ministries are involved in providing for those less fortunate members of society, who might not otherwise have access to things, through charitable works.

    Liturgical ministries revolve around public worship in the Mass and teaching of the Word.

    Catering for the youth in our parish, these ministries seek to make a connection with the younger members of our community and let them feel like they belong

    Alpha helps people to learn more about the Christian faith in a safe environment and hopes to bring you into a personal relationship with Jesus.

    Pastoral Care
    Caring for one another in our community is important. People who participate in these ministries take the good news to others through love, social and spiritual support.

    Faith Sharing
    Faith sharing groups get together regularly to explore the Word and grow in fellowship with one another.