Our Vision: United in love and diversity in building the Kingdom of God, making God known and loved.

Our Mission: To Inspire and Equip our Parish to Be Missional and through us bring people To Jesus

Divine Renovation (DR) was birthed out of a real experience of renewal. Fr. James Mallon along with the team at Saint Benedict Parish in Halifax, Canada transformed their parish into a vibrant community of missionary disciples. Pastors, priests and leaders from around the world are taking notice and here at the Church of the Resurrection, we plan to do the same. The Divine Renovation ministry with its events, books, coaching, and resources is a response to the incredible hunger for renewal. The through this ministry we desire to inspire and equip every parishioner to move our parish forward in carrying out the mission of our parish.

Over the past several years we’ve seen firsthand the transformations in parishes across the world as they move from maintenance to mission by following the ideas of Divine Renovation. Parishes of all shapes, sizes, and makeups are making missionary disciples through this work. Divine Renovation exists to help parishes make these transformative steps forward.

Fr Bruce Botha SJ, Episcopal Vicar for Evangelisation, Archdiocese of Johannesburg writes;
‘Have we as a Church forgotten the purpose for our existence? Instead of being missionary disciples we have become the keepers of beautiful museums, forming pastoral methodologies to feed those who have no hunger. The experience of Fr James Mallon, as recorded in his book “Divine Renovation: Bringing your Parish from Maintenance to Mission”, is an inspiring story of a parish that is busy rediscovering its purpose. I encourage everyone involved in pastoral leadership to read it, think about it, pray about it and then live it.’


The Game Plan
At the heart of the Divine Renovation game plan is Alpha, and for the first time ever, Alpha Africa, together with Catholic leaders in South Africa, hosted the Divine Renovation Conferences in the country in August 2018. Visit the South African home of Divine Renovation for more information

Read how the Southern Cross describes the 7 step game plan of Divine Renovation.

FMS June 2

If you would like to watch or share the video, the recording is available here. To learn more about Fr. Mike’s ministry, click here or listen to The Bible in a Year podcast here.

Join us for our next event, where we will be partnering with Alpha International to bring you Casting our Net, a conversation about creating a culture of invitation and making missionary disciples. Peter Herbeck of Renewal Ministries and Fr Justin Huang of Saint Anthony of Padua (Vancouver, Canada) will join us for this essential conversation. Register now:

Live Event: July 15 – 10 AM Pacific |1 PM Eastern| 2 PM Atlantic |6 PM London
Delayed Telecast: July 16 – 9 AM Malaysia | 11 AM Sydney | 1 PM Auckland

Watch these videos to understand DR in more depth:

Part 1 – The Crisis Of Identity

Part 2 – Leadership and Vision

Part 3 – Forming A Leadership Team

Part 4 – Culture: The Key To Lasting Change

Part 5 – The Role Of The Holy Spirit

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