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08/04/2020 Day 99

Matt 26:14 - 25


As we reflected yesterday, to be betrayed by someone close to us is quite devastating!  What was Judas thinking in his misguided way?  Whatever it was, his actions had consequences even he could not have imagined.


It is easy for us to sit in judgement of Judas and his misguided ways today.  The reality is that our attitude towards our faith can sometimes be a betrayal as well.  It wasn’t just Judas who betrayed Jesus, Peter did the same, and most of the apostles kept their distance when Jesus was on trial, on the road to Calvary and while he hung upon the cross.  Was that not a betrayal too?


The events of the next few days is a call to faithfulness for each of us, the followers of Jesus.  We sing the hymn ‘Were you there when they crucified my Lord?’ but we need to ask ourselves, ‘Where will I be?’


Holy Week, and the Sacred Triduum in particular, is a real challenge for all of us this year.  It is not possible for us to attend the Mass of the Lord’s Supper tomorrow, to pray at the Altar of Repose, to Venerate the Cross on Good Friday afternoon and to experience the power of the Church’s Sacred Liturgy at the Easter Vigil.  We shouldn’t think that just because we can’t go to church the Triduum has been cancelled.  Our loyalty and faithfulness to Jesus, which the apostles lacked at a crucial time, will be demonstrated in the way we choose to observe the Sacred Triduum at home.


Our Lenten Season has been seriously disrupted and some have forgotten that it is Lent! That you are reading this reflection means that you have not forgotten.  In a variety of ways the Church will still guide you through the events of the passion, suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus.


Like us, Judas had a choice, even to the very last moment when Jesus told the apostles that one of them was going to betray him. His response was ‘Not I, Rabbi, surely.’ ‘They are your own words’ Jesus answered.  That was his opportunity.


Practical Suggestion

Plan today how you (and your family) are going to observe the Sacred Triduum.  You have been provided with material and resources to use at home. Don’t miss this opportunity.



Lord Jesus give me the strength to be a faithful follower, to walk with you through the darkness of the cross to the light and new life you offer at Easter. Amen.

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