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06/04/2020 Day 97

Isa 42:1-7


We are told that when we read the scriptures we should imagine that God is directing his Word to us we read.  In reading today’s scripture from the prophet Isaiah, his words resonate so clearly within us as God speaks to each of us;


       “I, the Lord, have called you to serve the cause of right;

         I have taken you by the hand and formed you;

         I have appointed you as a covenant of the people and the Light of the nations,

        To open the eyes of the blind,

        To free captives from prison,

        And those who live in darkness from the dungeon.”


Notice that there action is required.  God calls us to share His mission in the world He has created.  He will fulfil His aim for us to serve with and for each other,  and to bring His to everyone.


We are told that God “having us by the hand” and having  “formed us,” will guide us in our efforts to bring the good news of salvation to everyone. There are many who do not know or acknowledge God as our creator, who are blind to the fact that Jesus came to show us the truth that we can be “freed from prison” and move from the “darkness of the dungeon” into the light.  The light of Jesus offers all of us a Renewal in our lives.  During Lent we have been on the path to Repentance.   This brings us to share in His mission which is to bring light into our lives and through us into the world.


We are not alone when we join  Jesus on His mission; “The Lord is my light and my help; whom shall is fear?” (Psalm 26)


We will commemorate the passion and death of Jesus on Good Friday but, on Sunday, He will be resurrected. His light will shine brighter than ever within us as we Renew ourselves in His Life.


Practical Suggestion 

Light a candle next to a crucifix each night during this Holy Week.  Remember that through His death Jesus is the light shining in your life.



Lord Jesus, you are my strength and salvation. Help me to know that you have called me to follow you, to understanding that I need not fear anything because are my light and my help.  Strengthen me to do those things that You have called me to do, in your name. Amen.

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