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05/04/2020 Day 96

Matt 26:14 - 27

05/04/2020 Day 96



It would seem that our world almost encourages selfishness in these modern times. Many people think only of themselves and have little, if any time for anyone else. We put our needs before the needs others. Businesses are out to make a profit whatever the cost. Sometimes politicians only think of personal gain instead of thinking about what is best for the people they serve. Generally, people even take more than what they actually need.  Today, as we enter into Holy Week, let us pay careful attention on how Jesus Christ emptied himself to demonstrate God’s love for us.


When we celebrate the Holy Week’s liturgies we should always remember God’s love.  Today we commemorate Christ’s entry into Jerusalem for the completion of the Paschal Mystery which is a manifestation of God’s overwhelming love for each one of us. Such love leaves no room for selfishness. This is the kind of love we are called to: a self-sacrificing love.  We remember how Jesus, throughout his public ministry, showed love and compassion to the marginalised and the outcasts of the society.


The gospel, from the passion narrative of Matthew, tells us how Jesus accepted death on a cross.  Jesus thought we were worthy of all that pain and suffering. He clearly teaches, us through his passion, that true love comes from emptying ourselves, which includes loving others just as we love ourselves.  Jesus’ love for everyone was a mirror of the love of the Father.  Our world frowns on self-sacrificing love.  This is the kind of love Jesus call us to.  He still shows us the way to true love.


Practical Suggestion

Do you have habits which may be seen as selfish (no matter how small they are)? What can you so to avoid these habits?  In what way is the cross a dismal failure in a worldly sense, but a victory for Jesus and us, his followers?



Lord Jesus Christ, may this Holy Week transform my darkest moments and weakness as I surrender all to you. Teach me to love others with your unconditional love. Amen.

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