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03/03/2020 Day 63

Matt 6:7-15

03/03/2020 Day 63

Isa 55:10-11


Our lives are so busy nowadays that for the most part all we seem to do is play “catch up”. Today stop and think; almost a week has passed since we had ashes placed on our foreheads and heard the words, “Repent and believe in the Gospel.” What has changed in your life since then?

If you are a late starter, remember that it is never too late to put things right.
Make time today to read the Gospel proclaimed at Mass in all Churches today.
This should help to get you going. It will most certainly help anyone to get going, because what we see in the Lord’s Prayer, is what Jesus told His disciples to do if they wanted to pray and to be holy. He told them that when they prayed, they needed to avoid ‘empty phrases.’ He suggested that they should rather repent because repentance brings renewal and renewal leads us to everlasting life with God and the saints. This is the only way our prayers will make us holy.

Whenever you pray, first clear your mind of all distractions and concentrate on being fully committed to improving your life through your prayers. It is only if we are earnest and sincere in our prayers that we will be able to grow spiritually. What is it that enables us to be honest and understanding in our daily prayer?
First, we must be truly sorry for our sins, all our sins (yes even the daily sins we tend to gloss over) if we want to be forgiven by God. We must pray that we never ignore even the smallest of our sins, because if we do, we are only fooling ourselves. More often than not it is these so-called ‘little sins’ that result in us from distancing ourselves from God.

Our lives should be spent constantly trying to eradicate sin. To achieve this we need to be more committed in a prayer life. We need to ask ourselves today ‘am I God-centered or am I self-centered’? Am I genuinely seeking God’s help or am I going through the ritual of prayer?

Hopefully this will prompt us to take a long hard and honest look at our life. Then we can pray for the help to follow more closely the teachings of our Lord.

Practical Suggestions

Turn to God in prayer today and let it be a prayer from your heart. Allow the thoughts in your mind to prompt you to speak to God more honestly and sincerely. After all he knows you (and loves you) just the way you are!
Commit today to make time for prayer every morning and at the end of each day. Just 5 minutes of sincere, heartfelt prayer will suffice.


Lord God hear my prayers and help me to be patient so that I may hear your response. Help me to deepen my prayer life and to be positive in my acceptance of your love for me. Amen. Our Father…

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