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03/04/2020 Day 94

Jer 20:10 – 13; John 10


“High noon!”  Both Jeremiah and Jesus are faced with great opposition, even from people who were supposedly ‘friends’!  Both faced the threat of death.   Jeremiah puts his trust in God, and says, ‘but Yahweh is at my side, a mighty hero’, and believes that God will overcome those seeking his downfall.


Jesus is calm in the midst of the storm surrounding him.  He attempts to reason with those demanding answers from him, telling them that if they cannot and will not believe in what He says, then they should look at what He has done for proof that is He is of and from God.


Their minds are closed, and they only want to kill him!  Undoubtedly there was confusion – some wanted to believe, others perhaps did believe, but the majority would not listen and had made up their minds that He was a blasphemer and needed to be got rid of.


As for us, where do we stand?  Sometimes we find it easy to believe that Jesus is the Son of God, and capable of amazing things.  At other times, when we are in the midst of a crisis, He seems to be quite unreal and very far away.


Hopefully our Lenten journey has brought us closer to Him, and has strengthened our belief in Him as friend, Lord and Saviour.


Let us pray, in these remaining days, for the courage to be His friend, loyal and faithful, no matter what it may cost us, because we know, deep inside, that He is always there for us, even when we cannot see or feel Him.


Practical Suggestion:

Spend some quality time reflecting on your relationship with Jesus.  Has it changed over these weeks?  Is it strong?  Would you describe yourself as a loyal and faithful friend?  What has this friendship cost you?



Loving God, and mighty champion of Your people, help me to be always aware of Your presence in my life.  May that knowledge help me to assist others in times of distress, so that they too come to recognise You as a God who cares.  I ask this in the name of Jesus, Your Son,   Amen.    Change my Heart O God!

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