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27/03/2020 Day 87

John 7:1 - 2

27/03/2020 Day 87


27/03/2020 Day 87

25 - 30


Jesus is in Jerusalem for the Feast of Tabernacles where the Jews celebrated the fragile shelters, they had used in the desert for forty years. It is for this reason that Peter had, at the Transfiguration (a few days earlier), wanted to build three tents in commemoration of this.

The Rabbis taught that the Messiah would appear suddenly out of nowhere.
Despite Scripture being fulfilled in that the Christ Child was born in Bethlehem, most Jews did not know that and assumed He was born and bred in Nazareth. So, He did not fit into the idea they had of the Promised One nor did they recognise the prophesies of Isaiah coming true.

Jesus cries out to them (He had to speak loudly – no microphones) and diverts attention from Himself to the One who sent Him. He tells them that He is not just about geography and acknowledges their thoughts about His earthly origin, but He pleads with them that He truly comes from God and this is much more important than anything else. He has full knowledge of God. At this, the leaders want to arrest Him, to silence Him.

We too become so familiar with the facts and stories and miracles of Jesus that we fail to see past these and recognise Him as GOD the Son, the Redeemer, the Saviour and that His primary mission was to save us from the horrible consequences of our sinfulness.

Practical Suggestion

On Sunday we celebrated Laetare Sunday when, in the midst of our Lenten efforts, we paused to rejoice in the reality of what He is going to do for us at Easter. We are moving from Repentance to Renewal and are shortly to be renewed.


Father, I open my heart to the Holy Spirit who reveals who Jesus really is and what He is about to do for me. Amen.

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