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26/03/2020 Day 86

John 5:31 - 47


These words of Jesus today, recorded by John, have a great deal to say. Jesus is responding to the persecution by the Pharisees, who see Him as making Himself, a mere human (in their eyes), equal with God.

Jesus tells them, and us, that He has been made ‘the source of LIFE;’ that He is the ‘supreme judge’, and that His judgement is ‘fair and just’. He praises John the Baptist for being a ‘shining lamp’ and testifying to the truth. But then He accuses them (and us?) of studying the scriptures and refusing to see the LIGHT they pointed to – the Light that He is!

He talks of the approval we seek from each other, but we all know that those words of praise are not always sincere. There was an era, not so long ago, when people growing up were told not to expect or rely on praise from others because it would lead to pride! But praise, genuine praise, is a good thing and it is through that that we come to accept and use the gifts that God has given us. The important thing to remember is that when we are lauded or applauded for our efforts, that we give the praise back to God, from whom ‘all good gifts come’!

So, there are questions to ask ourselves today: Do we see Jesus as the source of life; as the supreme judge – do we read the Word of God, and understand that Jesus is the LIVING WORD? These are all things we should have accepted after saying, “We believe.” Our time for repentance and renewal is running out – make the most of what you have left!

Practical Suggestion

Reflect seriously on the questions posed. Examine your conscience and your life, and if there is need for repentance, prepare to go to Confession before Easter.


Lord Jesus, give me the gift of humility – that I may see myself as You see me, and where there is need to change, give me the grace to do it. Amen.

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