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23/03/2020 Day 83

John 4:43 - 54


Today’s scripture challenges us to ask ourselves, ‘how easily do I become discouraged?’ Jesus gave a testing challenge to the official who, had heard (just as we have) about ‘the signs and wonders’ that Jesus performed. He was sent home with no more than the instruction; “Go; your son will live.”

Was he a little disappointed? Perhaps he expected something a little more ‘spectacular.’ Whatever he felt, his need for his child’s healing was great so he accepted the instruction of Jesus and returned home.

Often, we become despondent when our prayers and hopes appear not to be answered (in the ways we want). Today we learn to put our complete faith, hope and trust in Jesus, never to be discouraged. Jesus knows our every need. We need to take him at his word. Jesus always provides for us. We begin to understand the ways in which God works when we choose to listen to Jesus and do as he tells us to do.

During Lent we make a special effort to ‘repent’ and to rid ourselves of the ‘baggage’ that holds us back from following the ways of Jesus. Then we can go out ‘renewed’ in the love of our faith and strengthened to share our discipleship.

Practical Suggestion

Make a special effort today to take on a positive attitude regarding your faith.
Place yourself in the hands of Jesus and trust in him.


Lord Jesus, help me to trust as the official did. Strengthen my little faith. Help me to seek good and not evil, that I may live in the awareness that you are with me always. Amen

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