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22/03/2020 Day 82

John 9:1-41


Which one of these two men do you connect with? How often do we see ourselves as living a righteous life and feel that perhaps we are above our brothers. It is interesting to note that Jesus is deeply moved by the man who humbles himself. Can you think of one way that you could humble yourself today?

Spiritual blindness! Today John narrates a beautiful story about the healing of the man born blind. It would appear that in addition to being physically blind, he was spiritually blind as well. Jesus heals him of his physical blindness as well as his spiritual blindness. As we read and reflect on this gospel account we move from our spiritual darkness (blindness) into the light of Jesus!

We are struck by the blind man’s acceptance of Jesus “Lord I believe.” It is almost as if Jesus is saying to us today “You are looking at him, he is speaking to you.” With the blindness and darkness removed from the eyes of our hearts and minds we also proclaim” Lord I believe!”

The revelation of Jesus to the blind man can also translate to our growing personal relationship with Jesus. He reveals himself to us daily at Mass and we recognise him with the eyes of faith.

Even though the blind man was instantly healed it took him a while to realise the true identity of Jesus. He had referred to Jesus as “the man called Jesus” (vs. 11) then “he is a prophet” (vs. 17), then as “from God” (vs. 33) and finally he said, “Lord, I believe”.

We can compare this with the Samaritan woman whom we encountered last Sunday. She began by identifying Jesus just as a “Jew” (4: 9), then as “a prophet” (4: 19) and finally she said, “could he be the Messiah” (4: 29).

Little by little, both the blind man and the Samaritan woman received their spiritual sight. By the end of the gospel account, the one who healed him was no longer just ‘the man called Jesus’, but he was the Lord worthy of worship.

During this our Lenten journey, we are afforded an opportunity to look at our relationship with Jesus in a new light – with new sight. We are invited to an ever-deepening relationship with him so that we may be able to worship him in spirit and in truth!

Practical Suggestion

Reflect on what the following represents: my spiritual journey from darkness to light, from blindness to sight?


Lord open my mind and heart that I may see your light so that I am filled with the hope you call me to. May I be filled with the richness of the blessings you offer to all your children. Amen

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