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21/03/2020 Day 81

Luke 18:9-14


Humility is often seen as a weakness. Some even believe that unless you are arrogant and pushy, you won’t make it in life. Jesus had a completely different take on humility and in many instances in the gospels we find Him admonishing the arrogance of certain people.

Today Jesus highlights the difference in the content of the Prayers of the self-righteous and arrogant Pharisee and a humble and contrite tax collector. Tax collectors at the time of Jesus were despised because of their corrupt wheeling and dealing while the Pharisees prided themselves as being “holier than thou”.

Often, we feel the inclination to try to justify our sins or to attempt to categorise them into big sins and little sins. Sin is sin. Some sins have more serious consequences or repercussions than others, but they are still sins, and all sins need to be confessed.

It’s not particularly easy nor is it at all comfortable to sit down and examine our life and admit where we have sinned. It takes a huge amount of humility and honesty to admit that we are sinners. It’s even more difficult to confess our sins, but if we are serious about repentance and the desire to move forward in order to achieve renewal, we have to bravely acknowledge those areas in our life where we have transgressed. It’s only once we have come to God in sincere humility and confessed our sins that we can say we have truly repented.

Practical Suggestion

The Sacrament of Reconciliation is freely available to us. We don’t need to wait for the Penitential Service to take advantage of the opportunity to repent and be healed. Check the times of confession and make the decision to be cleansed of all sin as you continue your journey through the second half of Lent.


Father, have mercy on me a sinner. Help me identify those areas in my life where I need your healing and forgiveness. Give me an attitude of honesty and sincere humility. Amen

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