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17/03/2020 Day 77

Matt 18:21 - 35

Feast of St. Patrick


Every day on radio and on TV we hear about some poor individual who has been caught in a scam. Today, because of the high cost of living, many are trying to improve their lifestyle in any possible way. They invest in an attractive venture, hoping that it will make them rich.

All too often these desperate people see their money going straight down the drain, leaving them with a major headache and an empty pocket all because they trusted without fully investigating all the pros and cons on offer. Strangely enough, with all the theft and dishonesty in the world today, we still find people who will trust others in these attractive schemes and are ‘taken for a ride’.

Today’s Gospel reminds us of this problem, when it tells of a man who owed his master a great deal. When he pleaded for time to repay, his master cancelled the debt! Later, this very same man, refuses to be as generous to a colleague of his. In fact he had him thrown into prison until he should pay his debt – an impossibility!

Remember the Lord’s command to “love one another as I have loved you”?
Following this train of thought, the burning question for us today and every day is, “What can I do to show my love for my neighbour just as God shows me his love”? It has to be that we must be as generous with one another as God is with us – especially in forgiving the sins of others as we have been forgiven by God. Do we not pray this every day in the Lord’s Prayer?

Our sins are always forgiven as long as we are sincere in our confession. God goes out of His way to help prepare us for Everlasting Life, a life which is far more important than the life we lead on earth. He calls on us to love and forgive our neighbours, just as we are loved and forgiven by Him.

What a wonderful world this could be if we were as generous as our God is with us. He doesn’t promise a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. In fact Jesus never promised material and financial prosperity to his followers. He did, however, promise a generous forgiveness of our sins and failings.

Practical Suggestion

Take full advantage of God’s generous love by going to Confession this Lent.
Experience the wonderful way in which he heals, reconciles and forgives. Invite someone who hasn’t been to Confession for a long time to go with you. After you receive forgiveness enabling you to make a fresh start, a new beginning, be sure to be equally merciful and forgiving towards others who have sinned against you.


Lord Jesus, strengthen me in my weakness. Help me to be as merciful and as forgiving as you are. Amen.

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