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16/03/2020 Day 76

2Kgs 5:1 - 15

“Wash and be clean”


We are now well on our way to becoming “HOLY” – into the third week of our journey from “Repentance to Renewal” – “Wash and be clean” as we know that God wants this of us. To increase in ourselves to be true disciples of Jesus.

Last Monday, Jesus gave us His sound advice on how to do it! We know that Jesus doesn’t stand on ‘airs and graces’ and tells it ‘as it is’ – simple but true. That is how Elisha, the prophet, gave healing advice to the leper Naaman. No fancy cures, no fanfare, just plain and simple “wash and be clean.”

In today’s Scripture, we read about Naaman who was a warrior, well respected as a great man not only by the people, but also by his king. He was prepared to take advice from a captured maid-servant and was prepared to visit the prophet Elisha, an Israelite. But, when told to wash in the Jordan river he became indignant at such a seemingly futile suggestion. Surely there should be a more dramatic healing, or at least something more challenging to do! No, that is not God’s way. Jesus says; “your Father sees all that is done in secret”.

We have this special time in the year to concentrate our efforts at repentance and getting rid of all our impurities. We know them as sins that have built up over time, and even though we may have celebrated the Sacrament of Reconciliation in the past, sometimes there are those sins and failings that hang on to us and we can’t let them go!

Now is the time to place ourselves into the presence of God, who knows all that we do (in secret) and share with Him all of our concerns and worries. Naaman didn’t realise the simplicity of God’s nature who, with water cleanses us and, most of all, gives us LIFE! He was cleared of his leprosy just as God wants us to be healed and cleaned of our sins. Let Him into your heart so that he can.

Practical Suggestion

Offer your time to God in simple Prayer. Look for the opportunity to find Jesus in your daily life.


Father I cherish the Love that you have for me. Help me to respond to you by following your way especially by being loving and kind to others. Amen

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