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Returning to Mass

by Russell Pollitt SJ

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, churches across South Africa – and the world – were shut. The bishops lifted
the obligation to attend Sunday mass. Now that the lockdown restrictions have eased and places of worship have
reopened, are people returning to Sunday mass?

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Re-entry syndrome

by Annamarie Paulin Campbell

Lockdown restrictions have eased significantly. Children are going back to school and fitness clubs are reopening. Perhaps instead of feeling overjoyed at starting to get some of your old life back, you are feeling sad or anxious. It’s not surprising that there is a mix of feelings. In part, there is the complexity of having to make daily choices about activities and personally acceptable risk levels, especially when we make choices that others in our circle may not understand. It may also be what psychologists call re-entry syndrome or reverse culture shock.
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