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Divine Renovation

What’s it all about?

In our vision of uniting in love and diversity to build the Kingdom of God and make Him known and loved, we need to inspire and equip our parish to be missional and through us bring people to Jesus. Divine Renovation is an approach to grow any church into a missionary organisation that has all the skills and support necessary to create a lasting cultural change that invigorates the parish and feeds us with rich spiritual nourishment.

The Game Plan

Divine Renovation is based on what Fr James Mallon calls “the game plan”, which consists of a seven step journey.The Game Plan Explained

Step 1 – Invitational Church
New people are invited to experience the Church by it’s members, through attending the Mass and a number of fun events. Everyone is welcomed when they arrive at Mass and visitors are encouraged to socialise with parishioners over coffee afterwards.

Step 2 – Alpha
Alpha is the best way to get people new to Christianity into the Church and give them an opportunity to encounter Jesus. They are introduced to a life of discipleship and encounter the Gospel in a new way.

Step 3 – Alpha Team
After experiencing Alpha, people are encouraged to join the team. This should continue for a maximum of two years before they move on to other ministries, to continue to develop themselves. This creates a continuous leadership pipeline and creates space for new people to grow.

Step 4 – Connect Groups
Continuing the key ingredients of Alpha, these small groups continue the community experience of faith sharing and relationship building.

Step 5 – Ministry
Every parishioner is encouraged and intended to take part in at least one ministry that matches their talents and passions.

Step 6 – Discipleship Groups
In addition to Connect Groups, temporary (ad-hoc) groups meet to study interesting topics together for a few weeks at a time. Every parishioner is encouraged to take part in at least one discipleship group per year.

Step 7 – Worship
“When we are evangelised and in a discipleship process, seeing, experiencing and serving community, worship, especially the Mass, will come to life.” Fr James Mallon. This is a living expression of the fullness of Christian life.

What’s in it for you?

When the parish comes alive, your experience of Christ in your life and the lives of your friends, is a wonderful and deeply fulfilling experience. You have many opportunities to give and receive spiritual nourishment in a place that you can call your “spiritual home”. Many people go through life searching, only to find that God was what they were seeking all along – “My soul thirsts for God, for the living God.” Psalm 42:2

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