Connect Groups pilot is launching…

We know that many in our community are desperately missing the church services and community, drifting away, feeling alone in this lockdown world, busy at work yet something is missing and longing to connect.

What are Connect Groups?

Connect Groups are a place to connect with others in our community, grow friendships, care for each other, pray together, grow spiritually, develop your gifts, experience love and acceptance and be missed when you do not show up. We are piloting Connect Groups as a follow-on from the recent online Alpha courses. Based on the feedback from the pilots we will roll this out more widely.

How do Connect Groups work?

We will get to know each other, there will be a talk by a member of the group, some discussion time as well as prayer, praise and worship. The group members will agree on the meeting content. A library of content will be provided to group leaders.

Virtual meetings will be held initially (over Zoom) and we will then work towards a hybrid and/or face-to-face meetings as the world opens up.

Our invitation to you

We are inviting you to register your interest in joining and/or knowing more about Connect Groups and to receive updates on the progress of the Pilot by clicking this link.


Once you have expressed an interest, further communication will come from the BCC Connect Groups mailbox (