The Bryanston Catholic Church ALPHA team became involved with the Alpha Prison ministry at Leeuwkop Correctional Facility two years ago.


ALPHA in prison is slightly different to the normal ALPHA being run at the Church. The team assemble at the Prison each Saturday for 14 weeks and each week the ALPHA content is presented to prisoners in the Maximum C and Medium B Sections.


It has been our experience that the message of ALPHA, which is the message of the Gospel, the message of Salvation and Redemption, is received in exactly the same manner by prisoners as it is by members of our parish.


It is a blessing and an honour to present the Gospel to Prisoners. We often forget that Prisoners are loved by God the same as we are! God does not see us for what we have done but rather as what He has created us for. Many prisoners come to the Lord through the ALPHA ministry and it is a joy to see people set free, staying where they are, living out the consequences of their actions and behavior, but completely free, forgiven and saved through the message of Jesus Christ.


The ALPHA Prison Ministry is always looking for more members to join the team. If you have attended Alpha in the Parish contact the Alpha Team and they will point you in the right direction.