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Bulletin – Mary Mother of God, 01 January 2023

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Bulletin – Mary Mother of God, Cycle A

Mary, Mother of God

Cycle A

WEEKDAY MASSES: Mon-Thu at 8.00 am, Fri 7.40am and Saturday 8.00am

Weekday Public Holidays at 9.00am


Saturday 5.30pm and Sunday 7.30am, 10.00am. The 3.00pm Mass is closed for the holidays until Sunday 15 Jan 2023.

CONFESSIONS: Saturday: 8.30–9.00 am, 4.30 pm-5.15 pm (new time), and anytime on request

READINGS: Nativity of Christ,

Cycle A: p. 139 in the Daily Missal and

p. 61 in the Sunday Missal.

MARRIAGES:  6 months’ notice is required and the marriage preparation course is available online. Couples must make an appointment to see Fr Keith to book.

BAPTISMS: Parents and Godparents are required to attend the online preparation before the Sacrament is administered.  Please contact the Parish Office to book.


Saturday, 31 December

5.30pm.   Mass – Mary, Mother of God

Sunday, 1 January

7.30am.   Mass – Mary, Mother of God

10.00am. Mass – Mary, Mother of God

Please note: NO 3pm Mass

Monday, 2 January

9.00am.   Mass (public holiday time)

Tuesday, 3 January

8.00am.   Mass

Wednesday, 4 January

8.00am.   Mass followed by Holy Hour with Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, prayers and Meditation.

Thursday, 5 January

8.00am.   Mass

Friday, 6 January

7.40am.   Mass

5.00pm.   Holy Hour with Evening Prayer at 5.30pm and Benediction at 5.55pm.

6.00pm.   Mass on first Friday of the month.

Saturday, 7 January

8.00am.   Mass

5.30pm.   Mass – Epiphany of the Lord

Sunday, 8 January

7.30am.   Mass – Epiphany of the Lord

10.00am. Mass – Epiphany of the Lord

Please note: NO 3pm Mass


3.00pm Sunday Masses will resume on Sunday, 15 January 2023.

Christmas Present Drive: 853 gifts received. Thank you to all who contributed to this wonderful initiative.

Please note the Repository will be closed for the New Year’s Eve weekend.

The Parish Office will be closed on Monday 1 January (public holiday).

General notice: kindly ensure to take care of your personal belongings and to please not leave them unattended whilst in Church.

Vocation Reflection: The priests, brothers and sisters of the new century are in the care of your family today. Tend to them well; encourage their gifts; pray for their happy response to God’s call. (Ephesians 1:3-6, 15-18)


Mary, woman of listening, open our ears; grant us to know how to listen to the word of your Son Jesus among the thousands of words of this world; grant that we may listen to the reality in which we live, to every person we encounter, especially those who are poor, in need, in hardship.

Mary, woman of decision, illuminate our mind and our heart, so that we may obey, unhesitating, the word of your Son Jesus; give us the courage to decide, not to let ourselves be dragged along, letting others direct our life. Mary, woman of action, obtain that our hands and feet move “with haste” toward others, to bring them the charity and love of your Son Jesus, to bring the light of the Gospel to the world, as you did.   Amen

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Merciful Father,

send forth your Spirit upon us the people of Southern Africa. May we hear anew the voice of Jesus Christ, inviting us to walk with him across the turbulent waters of our time: “Courage, it is I. Do not be afraid.” By the grace of the Holy Spirit empower us to bring comfort to the restless, hope to those who despair, healing to victims of violence, and reconciliation where there is division. May the Holy Spirit heal our families and communities. Grant us ethical and courageous leaders who put the good of the people before their own interest. We ask for your grace to guide us to speak the truth with courage, to act justly in all we do, to share with those in need and always and everywhere to respect your gift of life as we strive to proclaim the values of the Kingdom, in solidarity with all people of goodwill. We ask this through Christ Our Lord. 


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