Sunday Church At Home – where is it?

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By Rose Duley – Webmaster

Father announced last week in the bulletin and at mass –

The Celebration Of Holy Mass And All Parish Activities Are Back To Normal.  Please Note: Catholics have the obligation to attend Mass on a Sunday. This is for our spiritual growth and the grace we receive from Holy Communion. Our live stream of Sunday Mass and weekday Mass will continue for those who are unable to attend e.g. people who are infirm and housebound.

With this above announcement where we have all been called to come back to the Church and attend mass, Sunday Church at Home will no longer be published as “Church at Home”.

I know I am not the only one who says this, but I often wish that I had recorded a homile or sermon at mass so that I could listen to it again for myself or share it with someone. (Actually between you and me, before lockdown, I did take out my phone every now and then to record a homile!) In addition, those of us who thoroughly enjoyed doing Church at Home with our families and friends, also enjoyed sharing in the reflections and questions that Father gave us after the homile.

So, for those who would love to read or listen to Father Keith’s homile after mass, can now find it on the Church App under “Daily Readings” OR if you do not have the App installed on your mobile, (which by the way you should do this because it is just great!) you can navigate to the website – and on the Home page where “Sunday Church at Home” used to be, you will now see a link called “Sunday’s Readings and Homile”. Click on this and you will be able to read the readings of the day and the homile AND/OR listen to a podcast that contains Father’s homile and the Prayers of the Faithful.

I am sure you will join me and appreciate Father’s willingness to give up his time to still do this for us on Sundays!

We would love to hear your comments on this. Please leave a comment below.

God bless!

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