The Resurrection – not just a single event

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The Resurrection – not just a single event

by Anthony Egan SJ

For varied reasons, many people may find themselves uneasy with the joy of the Resurrection we celebrate liturgically at Easter. Some – faced with ongoing problems ranging from the fear generated by Covid-19, through economic woes like poverty and unemployment, to personal crises like bereavement, broken relationships, loneliness or depression – may even feel a profound lack of resurrection in their lives.

The good news, however, is that through a diligent journey with the Scriptures of the Easter Season, one may come to a deeper, more profound sense of hope amidst the chaos.

Easter proclaims joy and hope. To those living with fear, anxiety and sorrow, they all too easily seem a slap in the face. How can I be joyful as I deal with lockdown, the death of a loved one or the collapse of a significant relationship? How can I celebrate as I struggle to find a job, to feed and clothe myself and my family? And where is the hope for the future in a context of social inequality, economic downgrades, mounting corruption, the steady rise of populist authoritarianism, wars and rumours of war, and a sense that the great democratic dream is dying?


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