Everyone can pray

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Everyone can pray

by Russell Pollitt SJ

“Everyone can pray. Let me put it another way. If I can learn how to pray, then so can you,” writes Fr James Martin SJ in the introduction to his new book Learning to Pray: A Guide for Everyone. The book, launched in February, is destined to become an important resource for anyone who wants to learn about prayer or anyone who wants to teach and help others learn to pray – watch this space!

The book starts by looking at ten reasons believers think they cannot pray. Fr Martin says that people often believe they cannot pray because prayer is for holy people and not them. He explains why prayer is for everyone and why clergy and religious do not have some sort of advantage that others don’t. He also, intriguingly, says that some people are “turned off by religion and therefore are turned off by prayer”. He says that prayer should not be bound up with religion because prayer is more than a particular religion or church.

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