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9 July 2020





The Parish Priest, Assistant Parish Priest and the Parish Pastoral Council (the PPC) of the Church of the Resurrection, Bryanston recognize the need to return to public worship, however, we are mindful of the need for strict adherence to the regulations and guidelines prescribed by the Government and the Archdiocese of Johannesburg.


 Since the 15th of March 2020, President Cyril Ramaphosa declared a National State of Disaster and subsequently implemented a national lockdown from 26 March 2020.  Although lockdown measures have been relaxed and have allowed for the reopening of places of worship during Alert Level 3, we recognise that COVID-19 remains a threat to the health of humankind until a suitable vaccine has been found, distributed and administered.


We therefore recognise the need to adapt to this new reality by developing protocols and operating procedures for the Parish to reasonably ensure the health and safety of our Priests, Parish Staff, Parishioners, Volunteers and Guests for the duration of the pandemic and during the State of Disaster.  To this end we have adopted a policy and operating procedure to ensure that we gradually and safely open our Parishes.


In light of the current COVID 19 Statistics nationally, and due to the fact that Gauteng is fast becoming an epicenter for rapid community transmission, we have set out a phased process for the reopening of our Parish for public masses and we have done our best to ensure operational clarity so that everyone who enters our church premises for Mass is assured of the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene on our premises.


 The following measures will be put in place:


  • Weekend Masses continue to be suspended until further notice.
  • Week day Masses will resume after we have implemented the Protocols set out in the Policy and Standard Operating Procedure.  The date for the first mass will be announced at a later date.  
  • In the meantime, a call for Volunteers is hereby made to be trained in pre-screening of all individuals entering the church premises and of  all the COVID-19 Parish Protocols and Standard Operating Procedures.  Once this group has been trained, and PPE has been procured, we will announce a date for the first weekday mass.  
  • If you are willing to be trained as a volunteer please email: communication@bryanstoncatholic.co.za or please contact the Parish Office. Please do so by the 19th of August 2020. 
  • The dispensation from the obligation to attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation is extended for the time being.
  • We have new Sanitising Stations in place and ask that everyone uses them on both entering and leaving the Church. 
  • Weddings and Funerals resume under Alert Level 3 subject to the limit on numbers and as set out in the Policy and Standard Operating Procedure.
  • Confession resumes under Alert Level 3, by appointment and subject to the provisions of the Policy and the Standard Operating Procedure.  
  • If you have a child that you would like to have Baptised please contact the Parish Office and please see the restrictions set out in the Policy and in the Standard Operating Procedure. An online Baptism Preparation Course is being developed.  
  • Unfortunately The Children’s Liturgy will be not be taking place until further notice.
  • Individual Prayer is allowed in the side chapel of the church between 06:00 and 18:00 on weekdays.  Parishioners are requested to observe social distancing and to follow the health and hygiene protocols which are set out in the Policy and in the Standard Operating Procedure. Please note, that no more than 10 (ten) parishioners are permitted at any given time, therefore, the security guard is under strict instruction to monitor numbers.
  •  The security guard will be conducting pre-screening of all Parishioners wishing to enter the church premises, which includes: a temperature check, completion of a register and as well as a health declaration form.  If there are aspects of the pre-screening process that do not meet the Parish requirements, this could result in non-entry to the church premises.  We urge all Parishioners to be understanding and to exercise great levels of cooperation with the security guard, as these are challenging times for all, and the sole purpose of this process is to protect yourself as well as other.


It is most important that people who are vulnerable or unwell, and especially those with any symptoms that might suggest Covid-19 infection, should stay at home and, if possible, continue to worship online and to use the online resources.  


 Please note this information and any new updates will also be available on the Parish App, Facebook Page, and on the Parish Website.  


 We appreciate your patience during this lockdown.  


We will continue to update you over the next few weeks.


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