Palm Sunday for Families

Family Connection

The children’s liturgy for Palm Sunday has been added to the Recommended Reading section of the web site. Please go through it with your children.

Palm, or Passion, Sunday begins the most sacred week of the Church year—Holy Week. During these days, we prepare ourselves for Easter by prayerful reflection upon the events of Jesus’ Passion and death. You might display a crucifix in a prominent place this week, as reminder of the salvation Christ won for us. The crucifix can also be the focal point for family prayer during Holy Week.

Because of the length and complexity of the Passion narrative, young children have difficulty remaining attentive when it is proclaimed in its entirety. Families can choose to read a portion of this Sunday’s Gospel each day of Holy Week, providing ample opportunity for children to ask questions and respond to the events described there. In this way, the entire week can become a “way of the cross.”

Each day during Holy Week, the family can gather in a prayerful space with a crucifix as the focal point. The Passion as found in Matthew’s Gospel might be read as follows throughout the week:

  • Sunday: Matthew 21:1-11 (Gospel at the Procession with Palms)
  • Monday: Matthew 26:14-25
  • Tuesday: Matthew 26:26-35
  • Wednesday: Matthew 26:36-56
  • Thursday: Matthew 26:57—27:14
  • Friday: Matthew 27:15-54

After reading from the Gospel each night, the family might reflect on the reading together.

Conclude your prayer time together by praying the Lord’s Prayer and/or singing an appropriate hymn, such as “Jesus, Jesus,” “Were You There?” or “What Wondrous Love Is This.